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Default Re: A good wireless router

Originally Posted by grey_1 View Post
LOl at the disclaimer :lol;

I'm hoping what ever I buy will make it upstairs as it's going on my telco panel in the basement and my office is 2nd floor. That and security are my biggest I think I have some more reading up to do before I buy.

Just hope my old linksys doesn't die before I get one.
Bro , most likely all of the routers mentioned here will make it up stairs, routers go through ceilings much better than walls.
Security make sure you set your encryption to wpa2 + tkip

long non dictionary pass phrase and you will be protected.
Also as some added protection you can set the router only to except connections from specified MAC address's. i.e. your pc's and devices.

ipconfig /all will show you this from a command prompt.

lastly once you are all set up and devices connected , go back to your router and hide your SSID from view.

There is much more that can be done to stealth your router, but if you do the above you should be pretty much bullet proof.

Also a good idea to change your lan ip address from , say to something else , for example
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