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Default Re: is the nvidia driver falling behind?

Whoever posted that support for multiple monitors is "rarely used" is working from outdated information. At my office it is the norm, not the exception (but Linux isn't intended for business use!) and I want to be able to replicate it in my home office (but Linux isn't intended for home use!) (then why are we all here?)

I have nothing to add to the technical discussion about QT, other than to state that I use KDE 4.5 and I prefer it over gnome, so any explanation about how poor the qt implementation of whatever is, is ultimately meaningless for me -- as mentioned in other posts, ATI and Intel drivers handle KDE4 just fine and long-winded explanations about how nvidia shouldn't have to work around shoddy software implementations overlooks pretty much the entire history of the various and sundry flavors of the Windows operating system.
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