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Default Re: How limited am I by the E6600?

Originally Posted by Madpistol View Post
More and more games are coming out that utilize a Quad Core CPU. As that trend continues, you will become increasingly limited by your CPU.

I also had an E6600 overclocked to 3.2Ghz coupled to an 8800 GTX (died, RMA'd, got a 9800 GTX+) and it was a fantastic system. However, my current setup with a PII Quad Core and a 5870 is far superior. It's ridiculously apparent in games like BC2 and Metro 2033 that use a Quad core CPU extensively. For games that just use a Dual Core or single core CPU, you will see a definite improvement.

I say go for it. The GTX 460 will be a significant upgrade from your current GPU, and you will see a difference in games that aren't heavily CPU limited.
Contrary to what your saying apparently Metro wasn't that taxing on the 'CPU' although I beg to differ, goes to show dont believe everything you read.

as for the op I have an E6850, Its a decent chip but to be honest I haven't turned the system on in a while (with it in) other than that its not bad I have it running at 3.8Ghz usally. Its hard to get it to run stable when running above 4Ghz.
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