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Default Re: Linux driver for GTX 460

Originally Posted by Mr_Maniac View Post
Oh... I didn't think that version 195.36.31 would support the G104 at all!
But you're right! Works almost perfect! TwinView and OpenGL are working BUT VDPAU is not
And that's one of the main reasons I bought a new card.
Not sure how to confirm if VDPAU is working everything seems snappy VLC works fine, SC2 beta rocked b4 it ended a couple days ago, and Compiz works. If theres an easy way to test let me know and I'll try to verify.

Originally Posted by Mr_Maniac View Post
195.36.31 starts at Performance Level 1 (NV Clock: 405 MHz, Memory Clock: 324 MHz). No crashes when switching. And when using TwinView, it alsways uses Performance Level 2. Same as Windows.
Is Dual Monitoring this demanding that you have to use the highest Performance Level?
I can't confirm dual monitor as I don't have one laying around however mine did default powermizer to 1, and I was able to change 'Preferred Mode' to 'Prefer Maximum Performance' and it changes it to level 3 and persists through reboots.
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