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Default Re: GTX480 SLI + 750i + q9550 3.8GHz

Originally Posted by Ghost girl View Post
I plan on buying two Zotac AMP! GTX480's, which I will install on an EVGA 750i SLI FTW motherboard, with a Q9550 processor OC'd at 3.8GHz. I have two issues that maybe you could help me with.

Problem 1: I am unsure of if my processor will bottleneck two high-end cards like the 480.

Problem 2: The 750i SLI FTW sets the PCI-E connectors to 8x when two cards are used in SLI. Will this be a bottleneck?

Thank you for your time.
My i7 is at 3.8 and bottlenecking doesn't seem to be an issue, so I imagine it will be the same with your Q9550. As for the 8x PCI lanes, you will lose about 2% performance using 8x instead of 16x. I run my bottom card in an 8x lane and I can tell you that you will never notice the difference.

Techpowerup did a nice benchmark using various PCI-E speeds, it's worth a read if you are still concerned.
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