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Default GTX 470 switching from X to tty freezes system

Hi there

I upgraded from a GTX 275 to a GTX 470 and unfortunately first impressions were nothing but good. I used to have a framebuffer resolution of 1920x1200 (thats my native screen resolution), with uvesafb to have tty's and a bootsplash in this resolution but the 470 only support 1600x1200 for an unknown reason (the 275 did 1920x1200 fb just fine). While X works suitable with Xorg 1.8, Gnome 2.30 and Compiz enabled I get 5-10 second lockups when switching to a tty. When switching back to X Xorg freezes for good. Sometimes the whole system hard freezes and i have to reset. I tried to completely disable the framebuffer for bootsplash and tty's and just leave it to the default text console but it has the same result.
Is the Nvidia driver just not ready for fermi gpus or is it yet another Xorg problem i didn't encounter with my 275 ? I changed cards again to check and with the GTX 275 everything is perfect. In 3D and Games e.g. Unigine Heaven the 470 works pretty good, no problems there at all.

I will post an attached bug report, if required, later.

Many thanks in advance
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