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Originally Posted by bacon12 View Post
After playing BC2 for months every day I am completely unimpressed with physx. It looks really cheap and totally fluff. What Frostbite did with software was amazing, as is Cryengine. No need for proprietary BS.

Game play looks fun however, and I am looking forward to it.

The physics in BFBC2 is 'horrible' and mostly pre-computed. Building destruction is pre-computed and only animations with some generated debris having simple physics. The rest of objects have utterly simplistic and quite bad physics with no regards to weight or proper gravity. A 2kg plastic cone has as much friction and mass as a 50kg concrete block which you can "kick" around as easily and it almost "flies" around!

They even move/react/collide the same way which goes to show how simplistic the physics is (like BF2). CoH brutally outdoes it in physics complexity and quality. Compelte annihilation and CoH is quite old game.
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