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Default Re: Nvidia Design Garage Ray Traced Demo

Originally Posted by MaXThReAT View Post
Go ahead and just use the default load. I think it's a 1024x768 window. It will take me like 15-20min to render. I'm just wondering if it's substantially faster or just a little faster.
When do I know that it has finished the render?

After 15 minutes I had over 3300 iteration and "elapsed" was over 1000.0, I've had pretty much constantly 3.3 FPS.

The image barely changed any from 5 minutes and above.

With a 800/1600 overclock (vram at default) I had over 3500 iterations when "elapsed" passed the 1000.0 number after 15 minutes. This time around I've had constantly 3.5 FPS which jumped to 3.6 from time to time.

Here is a screenshot after 15 minutes of rendering:

And yes I used "HQ" rendering with all my tests.

This is a 5 minute picture, iterations were around 1150 and elapsed was 330ish.

And finally a 1770 iterations image (elapsed just passed 500.0) and it took a bit above 7 minutes to render.

Hopefully I could help you out and maybe you can compare those images in photoshop to see what pixels are different? If messed with the quality of the images, I can email them to you directly. Let me know.

Edit: I also used version 1.1 of Design Garage and installed the 258.97 WHQL driver (it crashed with my old 257.15 beta driver).

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