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Default Syncing Quadro card's 2 outputs for dual flat panel 3D display


After the success with you guys solving my last query, I have another on syncing display outputs from a Quadro card...

We have a Quadro 3800 driving a True3Di stereoscopic display:

The display uses two 1920x1200 flat panels at 90 degrees to each other, with a bit of semi transparent glass in between to reflect a true 1920x1200 3D image. (The viewer wears passive polarised glasses.) One panel is connected to the DVI out on the Quadro, the other to the Display Port out (via a Displayport to DVI adapter).

We are using RV player to send 2 streams of 1920x1200 video to the two displays - one for left eye and one for right eye.

This setup uses Twinview Cloned displays and the 'passive' stereo mode in the nVidia Linux driver (Stereo mode 4). The driver version 195.36.24.

However we are getting sync issues where it looks like the 2 outputs from the Quadro aren't sync'd. I.e. the left eye frame sometimes advances before the right eye, or vice versa, meaning we don't always see matching left eye, right eye frames on the display.

Does anyone know how I would sync the 2 outputs? Both panels are the same res and refresh rate. Do we need extra hardware to achieve this?

Any advice greatly appreciated,

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