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Default Re: I think PHYSX is fake

It definitely makes a huge difference in titles that implement it well. For example in Batman AA or Cryostasis I saw it spike up to 50-80% useage on my 9800 GTX when I had that and was using it for physx.

You have to realize only a handful of games use it, and they only use it in very certain spots, usually involving debris (broken glass), clothe objects (banners, flags), water, or smoke / fog.

Also evga precision never showed any gpu useage on my 9800 gtx until I overclocked it. It's a bug with evga precision. It wouldn't show it any useage until I changed the clock speed (even if it was overclocked and I rebooted it). I tested it using Folding@Home and had the same results.

So either;
A) The scenes you're examining aren't using physx
B) eVGA precision is bugging out like it was with me
C) You have it set to cpu in the nvidia control panel (i'd assume this isn't happening)

Physx definitely has an effect on games. I do believe that nvidia exhagerates it by having severly un-optimized code for cpus in contrast to gpus.... but the effects and level of detail it adds is great, especially in games like Batman AA or Cryostasis.
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