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Default Re: GTX480 SLI + 750i + q9550 3.8GHz

Are you guys serious?

480sli if he's gaming at 2560x1600 with AA and AF will be far faster than with an i7. Most games aren't cpu bound, they're graphically bound.

Yes, an i7 would be faster if both were 480 sli systems. the 9550 will "hold it back" but only in the sense that it'll be slower than IF he had an i7. If he spent the money on 2 480s then you're definitely going to outperform a single 480 no matter how good the cpu is if he's playing at high resolutions, like 2560x1600 only.

I'd love to see someone prove me wrong. But in games that are graphically bound, the 480 sli setup will do better, that's just common sense. We're talking about a 2 year old near 4ghz quad core.... if it was a dual-core this would be different, but a 3.8ghz c2q is no slouch, at all.
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