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Default Fallout 3 Done And Maybe Complete?

Me and the bobster finished fallout 3 with desicions to make either i go in with the code or the girl goes in and finished game.

Was kinda suprised as it didn't take all that long to finihsh either thinking it would take weeks or months to finish cuz of the so many thingss to do but didn't take that at all so what did i really miss than doing those things from seeing daddy following him to his death in the musium to volt 87 to meet the bigman and collect the device to talking to a michine portraying a president to meeting brotherhood for a battle with a giant robot owntown to the end.

So is their really a fast way to beat the game or got lucky and found daddy sooner than expected?

I seen alot of stuff and missed alot of missions so this game really doesn't require you to complete all misiions unlike games like farcry2 and such?

All in all great game and lots of wasteeland.
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