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Default Re: Crysis 2 has 'best AI in gaming history'

Are you blind (i should not ask, you are ). You do see that i'm cloaked, meaning the enemy don't know where i am, right? He successfully fires at me at first, then turns around to retreat, he hides behind the bushes and while strafing he keeps shooting at my last known location. He then again turns around to hide behind the tree.

In the second video, they suppress me (again i'm in cloak mode, meaning they can't see me) and they shoot at the vehicle, underneath it and at the wall (see the blood in 0:31?). They don't know where i am, they come slowly and firing to this spot to suppress me. Pay also attention to the second enemy when engaging and to my radar. You will see that there are already 3 enemies at where i am, searching for me. There isn't any point in flanking me from that spot, instead they attempt a small flank from the other side.

Guess though it's really hard to notice things. It's easier to "beach" about something
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