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Default Freezes with Geforce 6100 when using Compiz.

I have freezes with a Geforce 6100 only if I play video using Compiz. It happened with Mplayer, VLC and even Flash videos within the Flash plugin.
They are like 15 seconds freezes.
It does not happen with a Geforce 8600 GT in the same computer and OS.
It happens since I use Linux with Nvidia proprietary drivers. I do not remember the drivers version but It was like two years ago or so.

In the case It is necessary to know I list what I use:
Ubuntu 10.04 for Amd64.
Integrated Nvidia Geforce 6100.
The 256.35-0ubuntu2~xup2 drivers.
An AMD 64 X2 4000 CPU.

Thanks for checking this.
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