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Default Re: Crysis 2 has 'best AI in gaming history'

Originally Posted by |MaguS| View Post
YodaStar, Every clip shows the AI doing the same thing. Im not seeing any unique behaviors or them doing anything out of the normal to survive. They stand or crouch in the same area and fight back.

Smart AI would either back off if they recognize the foe had the upper hand or would have its teammates working to flank the other side, which neither happened. Heck... they could have moved foward to press the enemy and they didn't...

Crysis has AI worse then Deus Ex...
I see how they work together with some giving suppressive fire while others moving forwards taking cover dynamically either upclose or make sure at distant they have some cover. They react to comrades leaning to not have their aim at them , moving in correlation to them etc. They instantly react to destroyted/moved objects which alone is some of the most taxing things with AI no other game does to this extent. AI that reacts to an almost fully destructible and dynamical battlefield is a challenge both perfomance wise (tons of ray-casting per frame) and also to code.

But obviously you need to watch all thevideos to see they also move forward and also flank while having some giving suppresive fire while foes pull back.

Now about Deus Ex having better AI I cant comment about since I havent played it but Deus Ex 2 sure had crappy AI. No if you want to see bad AI in modern games look at Halo 3 or KZ2, they have lots of interest points layed out and scripted 1-3 way movement yet act ankward in most situations and has the kamikaze mentality.

About FEAR it sure is nice but you need to understand it is highly scripted with few interest points where AI is locked onto. Each location may have 1-3 movement outcomes that will repeat when you replay same part. Due to close combat fights in tight areas it is possible for them to do it this way while looking convincing. But from a technical view it is utterly simplistic AI. Btw Crysis soldiers also jump over obstacles like in FEAR if they need to.

But really dont just take my word for it, view FEAR AI in debug mode, check nav points, interest points, scripts. Then do the same for Crysis and see the difference.
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