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Default Re: is the nvidia driver falling behind?

Originally Posted by kRogue View Post
After dealing with the internals of Qt I have enough personal experience to say GTK/GDK is better. Here are a few reasons:
You ranted a lot about Qt, but didn't give a single argument in favor of GTK/GDK. Even more, for some of those "issues", there is not even an equivalent in GTK.

Qt's container classes exist since before STL was widely available and usable.
You are encouraged to pass objects by const reference, nobody prevents your from doing this. But even if you pass the object by value, you save cpu and memory, because the container does the copy on write.

Re: Javascript) Is GTK's Javascript engine faster? Oh wait, there is none.

Re: MOC) moc provides way more features than RTTI.

Re: signals and slots)
- the dynamicity allows for introspection and to invoke slots dynamically, e.g. through dbus calls
- e.g. KDevelop provides static analysis to spot connect() errors

I won't comment on your other rants.

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