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Default Re: Anyone else getting a Samsung Galaxy S phone?

Well I didn't read that exact article but yea I saw those same settings on another site that is how I found out about the secret menu. It seemed to work at first but if I go into the GPS Test app it shows it isn't using any satellites. I don't know what the hell is going on to be honest.
Right now I have the it set to and port 7276 with the rest set at stock settings. I went outside a few minutes ago and I got a GPS lock in about 3 minutes and it showed viewing 1 sats and using 5 in GPS test app.

Here is a review comparing the Vibrant and the Captivate. It is saying they also had problems with the GPS with both the Vibrant and the captivate

I am going to try and make a short video tonight showing the problem I'm having with the compass.
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