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Default Re: Direct X11 looks to be another failure(implementation wise)

Originally Posted by FastRedPonyCar View Post
DX11 is more marketing hype for graphics cards companies than anything right now... and fodder for fanboys on both sides of the GPU camp. They sling DX11 support arguments around like a groundbreaking PC exclusive that is built around DX11 could pop out of the wood work at any moment and render any card that doesn't support it useless.

At this point, these websites that review video cards shoudln't even bother listing DX11 support as a significant advantage or lack there of as a disadvantage.
This is what irritates me, NV and ATi are using DX11(as well as, tessellation) as a selling point to sell their graphics cards. I really do get annoyed when reputable websites such as Guru3d,HarCop,Tom's etc, say how "Uber" DX11 is, and how excited it is that a card supports it.

I very much doubt that, the industry will change focus on building a game based on the PC as the major platform. I can't justify building an expensive rig anymore.

There is a huge hype surrounding the release of starcraft 2, but, imo, it looks exactly how I played it 12 years ago- so its a no buy for me, I might buy it when its 5 bucks or something.

makes me wonder, whether microsoft even gives a **** about PC gaming.
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