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Default Re: My First HDTV Experience

Originally Posted by technoid View Post
So on to the gripes I have right now.

1. When I stop a Blu-ray movie and restart it it does not start in the same place like a DVD does. Of course if I'm wrong I sure want to know how to do it. (Samsung BD-C6500)
Yea, my PS3 does the same thing. I don't know why to be honest.

2. When watching a movie on the Samsung LN40C630 with Auto Motion Plus turned ON I can often see jerks and sometimes more than one of a person or object on the screen. After turning Auto Motion Plus OFF that goes away. After doing a google search on it I seen posts from 2007 about it, so why isn't it fixed on my 2010 TV. To me it looks like the processor isn't fast enough and messes up the frames as it's rendering it.
If you have a 120Hz TV, use 1080/24p and leave the Auto Motion Plus OFF. A lot of people don't even bother with the Auto Motion Plus because it interpolates frames and creates problems in some instances.

The real reason to get a 120Hz TV is for 1080/24p picture. Make sure your BD player output is set correctly.

3. The people on the screen seemed separate from the background to me so after finding the Edge Enhancement Feature and then Turning it OFF that seems to have gone away.
Yea that's fine. All that will do is make the edge contrast more noticeable. If you're at 1080p then you're already using every pixel.

4. I have FIOS. When hooking up the Antenna and the screen in 16x9 everything is okay. But if I hook up an HDMI cable from the FIOS STB the screen image is 4x3 unless I turn 16x9 Wide ON, which causes problems for other inputs.

So having to turn those features OFF just to get the TV to look proper seems kinda dumb to me. And also makes me wonder what else is turned ON that needs to be turned off, that is if I can even turn it OFF. So any information about this type of stuff is much appreciated.
Is there a setting on your FIOS box to fix that? I have the same issue with Time Warner, but their cable box has a setting to set the aspect on the box.

I know it seems dumb to turn off features, but to be honest, a lot of those features are unnecessary to begin with. I have them off on my TV as well.
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