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Default Re: Direct X11 looks to be another failure(implementation wise)

Tesselation looks great in the Heaven 2.0 benchmark demo but again, it's a feature that has to be enabled and implemented correctly by the game developer.

I do admit that turning tesselation off and then on even by just a mild amount is a pretty substantial looking bump up in visual quality.

The biggest issue for me right now with the GTX470 is AA STILL destroys the frame rates in games like metro and crysis.

Whatever is needed to make the card able to do AA and offer the performance we currently get with AA turned off is what needs to happen.

And some of these features that we have to FORCE our games to implement through nhancer or the nvidia control panel or ATI's graphics control panel, EVERY GAME, EVERY game's video options menu needs to have a list of all those features that are just standard choices... like having to force AA on unreal 3 engine games and not being able to run AA and HDR in Oblivion... Seriously??
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