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Default Re: New Game from Titan Quest Developers

I think TQ STILL looks great. I really liked it and got it and IT on one of the steam sales. Played it all the way through and enjoyed it.

I had the community patches installed as well as the camera mod that zooms further out.

I don't think that the game relies as heavily on smart character skill building as Diablo II does though and IMO that's where it suffers.. that and the slightly lacking dependency on good items... I also found that the balance between when you see awesome items at merchant shops that you desparately need and how long it will then take to build your character to meet the weapon's requirements are vastly out of whack.

I also liked the non randomized dunegon. I've yet to see a game with randomized dunegons STAY interesting and hold my attention.

Diablo II pulls it of just barely simply because you don't stay in those places very long. The scenery is always changing.

This was torchlight's biggest drawback. It was fun at first but 40~50 levels down into the never ending dungeon and I just quit. I hit the 100 level character cap and was practically invicible at that point and had to use custom made maps with nothing but boss monsters to provide a challenge. Seriously... a weapon that did 1500 damage per second and items giving me a 420% increase total to critical strike damage and +8 points total to the critical strike skill.. it was hilarious.
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