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Default Detonator 40.71 frenzy


I've had so much FUN with tthese drivers *coughs* NOT.

Where should I begin?

I purchased a Geforce 4 last week, installed it, annd noted the drivers were not correctly detecting the video memory. I figured it could be motherboard-related, so I went ahead and flashed the video bios on the card. The card's bootup screen reports 128MB, it's fine.

Check 1 done.

Then I thought maybe a bug with the AGP mode, so I set to 2x. Yippee! It worked! Thought it was working great......I was wrong. Within a few reboots once again it detected only 64MB of the 128MB card.

Next on the list to try was a reformat, so I reformatted and reinstalled Windows. Reinstalled the 40.71s and it worked in AGP4x mode, just fine.


After a bit, it's only detecting this time around I decided to install the Asus drivers....This time around, "This Device Cannot Start". I reinstalled Windows *again*.

This time II installed 30.82, and low annd behold, absolutely 0 PROLEMS! It detected everything correctly, ran great.

by this time Unwinder(creator of rivatuner) had responded to me on the issue and helped me see what the problem this time I reinstalled 40.71, and let it screw up the detection. Rivatuner still reports the NV_FP_CSTAT value as 08000000. This is the correct value, the det 40.xx only sees 04000000 from somwhere.

I then went to uninstall 40.71, once again got "This Device Cannot Start". Not for the default driiver, not for 30.82.....I just reinstalled 40.71 and it installed correctly and thankfully is working, but still with only 64MB detection.

In the end, 40.xx are BS drivers until Nvidia fixes this mess, I've had TONS of fun with them.


40.xx are laced with problems. Gamma/Game probs in earlier versions. Control panel problems. Memory Detection problems(reported by another user but said 40.71 fixed it), and uninstallation problems. 30.82 worked fine, yes, FINE. No problems. No detection issues, nothing. They ran fine.
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