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Default Re: ***Official Starcraft II Beta Feedback***

That's your memory playing tricks on you. I've recently bought SC and SC:BW digital versions, because they work flawlessly on Win 7, just to refresh the whole story.

It's completely different game. I mean sure, some units are the same and the UI is kinda the same, but that's probably it.

It's slower and I mean way slower than SC 2. You seriously won't believe how slow, unless you try it.

The beta was hard, because people that got keys were good at the first one in general, so you either had to suffer through dozens of matches or just watch some videos of pro players, try it against an AI and then come back. It helped me a lot.

Btw. I still suggest you to watch some good replays on Youtube from either Husky or HD, it will make your single and multiplayer much easier.
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