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Default Re: New Mass Effect 2 DLC coming soon!

$7 I assume? I wish these weren't so expensive... $7 is about 1/6th of what I paid for the original game and I seriously doubt each of these are adding 3+ hours of gameplay (took me 20+ to finish ME2 both times I played). I keep hoping for some big sale where they're only $3 each and then I can finally play Kasumi and the tank thing, though I'd rather play missing memory since it seems more character oriented.

I only recently played Bring Down the Sky when I replayed ME1 a few months ago and I still haven't played any of the free DLC for ME2. I've been waiting to get Kasumi, but it's still 560 points or whatever and now I'll have to wait even longer until this gets to an acceptable price. D:
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