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Default SHAPE extension causing minute-long freezes


256.35 finally loads and runs on my New Thinkpad W701 (FX2800M) with Fedora 13. Hooray!
No more hung hardware with a black screen.

However, I've found a surprising problem; the SHAPE extension is slow enough that on particularly complex cases (eg, a splash screen with a stippled background), the drawing freezes the X server for 30s to minutes at a time with X.Org sinking the entire processor. The X server is still alive--- I can see it drawing the SHAPEd window... one pixel at a time. The more complex the shaped window, the worse the freezes. Every XFlush/XSync performed on that open socket causes a similar minutes-long freeze.

I'm a bit surprised; older installs with previous-generation nVidia binary installations on other Linux boxen with Quadros (FX and NVS) have been thoroughly snappy, including in these absurd SHAPE scenarios.

Does anyone have a workaround? Is this a known problem?
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