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Default Re: Nvidia Design Garage Ray Traced Demo

Originally Posted by agentkay View Post
When do I know that it has finished the render?

After 15 minutes I had over 3300 iteration and "elapsed" was over 1000.0, I've had pretty much constantly 3.3 FPS.

The image barely changed any from 5 minutes and above.
Thanks for doing that. It looks like it is quite a bit faster. After about 15min elapsed I was over 1000. I had a constant 0.8 fps and had only 751 iterations. So the 400s are quite a bit faster if you consider how slow my 280 was going. 3.3fps is still pretty slow. I can see a very big difference in how far ahead of mine yours was at 15min. I wonder how an SLi setup will scale.

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