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Default Official Starcraft II Feedback Thread

The Epic Trailer

It's coming out this week, which option did you go? Collectors? Standard? Digital? What server? SEA? or NA?

I went with the digital download, so i already have the SC2 SEA version ready to roll out. I think collectors edition is a bit too expensive (About $150AUD~ )

Also check out A Beginner's Guide to StarCraft II for more tips on the game mechanics.

If anyone playing SEA servers, give me a buzz...most of my work buddies are pretty terrible at the game ^_^...

It seems people are already queuing up

It's almost 4 days until StarCraft 2 Wings of Liberty will be released ot the world, but two young fanatics have already started to que out side Webhallen in Stockholm.
Also note that SEA version will have access to NA servers 60 days after release. This means you can switch between servers, but keep in mind stats are still saved on each server, so i guess i get to have another 60 days to practice

Which side will you choose?

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