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Default MacBook Pro 7.1, EFI, NVIDIA

I'm waiting for the arrival of my new MacBook Pro 17", and have been doing my homework in preparation for installing Linux on it.

However, various sources indicate that if I boot directly from EFI, instead of using the bios compatibility layer, 3D will not work. The reason advanced is that the nvidia driver relies on information from BIOS, which is simply not available with a direct boot from EFI. It has been variously suggested that the solution should be provided either in the NVidia drivers or alternately in the efi bootloader, for example Grub2.

Of course I have not as yet experienced the problem first hand, and it can be overcome by using the bios emulation, but I'd appreciate some advice as to what the problem is, whether it is a problem with the Nvidia driver and if so, when it might be fixed, and if not a driver problem who should be fixing it.


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