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Default Re: BlackBerry 8900 :D

idk how to

It's a little slow though, but that might be because I'm installing 5 different things and downloading 10 at the same time on it.

I'm trying to get this free gps app. I think I got it. But it's transferring the files to the BB now. It's taking 22 minutes to transfer a 75 MB file. I should have taken the sd card out, and just done it manually, but I can't find the adapter anywhere. So it's this :/

But it's pretty awesome, I got WiFi to work, and it makes calls, and I can type fast, plus GPS should work. So all in all, this is Fantastic!! I still need to customize a bit, and I'm thinking of installing v5 for it, its at 4. ?? idk waht now.
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