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Default Early Upgrades All US Carriers (ends Aug 3rd)

American Eagle Outfitters is running a promo where if you try on a pair of jeans, you can get a free phone. This is applicable even if your are not up for an upgrade. People have found there is no need to try on the jeans though . Go to and start shopping. A few examples :

Moto Droid - New Contract - FREE
Moto Droid - Renew Contract (even if early) - $19.99

Droid X - New Contract - $179.99
Droid X - Renew Contract - $179.99 (don't have to pay full retail like would normally be the case)

Sprint - New Contract - EVO 4G - $189.99
Sprint - Renew Contract - $189.99

So you guys know it's legit...Press Release :

On Any Given Sunday!
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