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Default Re: 3D acceleration problems with GTS 250 on Fedora 12 x86_64

Hi Dragoran!

Yes, thats right. After installation 3D acceleration was working fine (at least with glxgears). But after starting a 3D application (in this case World of Warcraft) the 3D acceleration stopped working correctly. The game starts, but just with freeze frame and every few seconds a new frame.

With Fedora 12 I had the same problems with Compiz, so I dont think that the problem is wine or WoW.

Unfortunately I canīt get the 3D accerleration to work again. Not after a fresh boot and not after a new installation of a 3D application (I didnīt make a fresh install of the nvidia driver).

What can I do, to solve my problem? Should I wait till a nvidia employee answers to my problem? Or maybe I can find a firmware upgrade for my GTS250? Or do you think I have to change the graphic card to a new one?

Best regards,
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