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Default Re: New GPU, New Benchmarks!

Taken using my own config (though I was still making a couple of tweaks last night so it's not 100% ready) Hopefully I'll have it for you guys in a day or two.

And what I think I'm most proud of, night visuals. After hanging out a friends houses who live away from city life, on fully lit full moon nights, it's actually quite bright once your eyes have adjusted to the light. I messed around with the HDR and light settings to try to reproduce as accurately as I could the volume of light filling the world. All of the configs Iv'e tried look good during the day but fall flat on their face at night or have strange SSAO settings giving objects a hazy glow and overall are far too dark to see anything. Real life isn't like this so why should crysis be any different?

It's a tricky balance though. You don't want it to be too bright because shadows and stuff will be washed out during daylight but not so dark you can't see anything. In my opinion, my config has struck a near perfect balance. to Re4Xz0oRs's credit though, his is the best of any custom config from anyone else that I've seen in regards to this.

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