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Default Re: OpenSUSE 11.3 Released.

Originally Posted by DiscipleDOC View Post
Bump....I want grey to see this so he can try to get his wireless working.

Oh, one more may want to blacklist your ssb driver that comes with opensuse as well.

EDIT: Here's the actual link to the drivers:
Thanks Bro - I actually had Packman's repo up - it's more the n adapter I had major trouble with. Adapter and router flat refused to communicate, yet the adapter would pick up every network around me, same in Ubuntu.

I got tired of fighting it and reinstalled XP, mainly for trouble shooting, and the whole thing set up in a heartbeat. Google shows quite a few folks are having issues getting the WNDA3100 working properly. I'll give it another go if I can find a solution that is verified as I really want linux on this particular laptop.

EDIT: Giving OS11.3 another go. Took XP all of a day to break on me, along with my new wireless n adapter.
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