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Default Desktop Effects on nVidia GeForce 210

I bought an nVidia graphics card because I use linux and I heard that nVidia has great support for linux compared to Ati. The title includes the name of the product I bought. If you need any information about the card itself after reading through this, just ask.

On linux (kde and gnome), I like to have desktop effects enabled. On kde, there is kwin and on gnome, there is compiz. As soon as I put my nVidia card into my system, I installed arch linux. One problem I have heard with linux is that new hardware may not be supported well right away. I figured Arch would be the best way to get around this because it is a rolling release and the nonfree drivers that they recommend are probably the latest. Once I installed them, kwin was working great. After a while, I was noticing some unusual desktop behavior. My desktop would go black but come back like nothing happened. I thought plasma was crashing because I was using a release candidate of kde. I figured it would be great to wait for a stable version of the kde I had so I switched to ubuntu to see how the graphics card would work on compiz. I was still getting the black flicker problem though. It must be a problem with how my card is configured.

Can you please help me fix this? I would like to run my linux without having this screen blackout issue.
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