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Default Re: Is 3D Vision worth the performance hit?

put it this way, I am doing the 3d vision surround with tri-sli (just upgraded today) gtx 480 and 3 acer gd235hz monitors. If I had the space I would have waited for the asus 27' 3d monitor and went with 3 of them. I love the depth that 3d vision gives especially when you spread it across 3 monitors. And for those wanting tri-sli 3d vision surround, you attach a monitor to one dvi port per card. So, in that fashion it seems, you are evenly spreading the work of the gpus for 3d vision surround. But before this I was doing 2 way sli gtx 480 and 3d vision surround and wouldn't go with less than 2 gpu's to do it. I would say the same for basic 3d vision gaming on one monitor. And for some games you have to factor in physx processing too along with 3d vision. For just cause 2 (in 3d vision surround on this) and bfbc2 (i played this on one monitor), I had to turn down settings and rez to get 3d vision gaming playable on 2 way sli gtx 480. So is it worth it, yes. For feeling like you are more part of a game for sacrificing some game settings, the loss of rez and effects weigh out very nicely. And it seems that nvidia is the trend setter on 3d since 3d vision was out to market before 3d consoles, tv's, set top movie players, and 3d theatre for example fell in line. And the game support is very impressive. Next time you are in nvidia control panel, go to the stereoscopic 3d area and check out the supported games. They go years back and very recent with the list. The only thing I don't like is when you download the recent 3d vision full cd download or just the drivers in the sense they don't tell you what has been added to the list of games like when you d/l just geforce drivers and you are told what has been improved for example.
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