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Default Re: Can Gigabyte GeForce 7600 GS 512MB AGP run 1080 movies ?

I didnt know that there are PCI (not PCIE) 8400s. And if so, i am curious how they perform. And watch out for the PCI labeling on vendor sites, thy may label cards PCI when they are in fact PCIE.

The 8400s with the G98 chip support VDPAU. These are newer revisions though meaning it is probably they are not available in Agp.

Maybe the time has come for a computer upgrade...

Ati - for the time being forget it.
Their drivers move at a snails pace + they are full of bugs - at this rate it will take quite some time to be really a choice for Linux users.

There is a hyped GPU decoding with Vlc+the latest Ati drivers (that is uspposed to work with nvidia too), but i tried Vlc 1.1.1 on nvidia card (210) and the GPU decoding configuration item doesnt seem to really have an impact (Debian Squeeze).
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