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Default Re: eVGA GTX 470 Temperatures?

Originally Posted by ChiBChombo View Post
Before I set my fan profile I used to get over 90C while playing Crysis, and 60C idle.

Now I set my fan profile to always be at 45%, and if cards go above 60C The fan will start going up, max speed for fan I set is 90% but that's only if the temps go up to 90C.

And I also added an extra 120mm fan that blows right into them, and an 80mm fan as well.

So now my temps are 40C idle, and when playing Crysis at max settings with 16xQAA, they don't go above 83C with the fans at around 60-65% speed.

But I think 90C is normal for these cards...
I use the same 60% fanspeed as i used to do with both 8800 gtx and gtx 285.My 470 idles at 37 c @ 26 c ambient temp and 63 c load.This case has good airflow though plus one 120mm sidefan near the 470.With my old case the card peaked at 88c with the fan at 70% so it really depends on your case for the most part.
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