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Default Re: My First HDTV Experience

Originally Posted by ViN86 View Post
Yea, my PS3 does the same thing. I don't know why to be honest.
I called Samsung and they told me they had complaints about the 2010 models doing that but no information about why or the possiblity of fixing it.

If you have a 120Hz TV, use 1080/24p and leave the Auto Motion Plus OFF. A lot of people don't even bother with the Auto Motion Plus because it interpolates frames and creates problems in some instances.

The real reason to get a 120Hz TV is for 1080/24p picture. Make sure your BD player output is set correctly.
Yea, that's what I ended up thinking too. The 120hz gives me 555 instead of 322 so that alone was worth the cost.

Yea that's fine. All that will do is make the edge contrast more noticeable. If you're at 1080p then you're already using every pixel.
Yes, that's what it did and I didn't like it. I think that's what some call the 3D effect.

Is there a setting on your FIOS box to fix that? I have the same issue with Time Warner, but their cable box has a setting to set the aspect on the box.
Thanks! I ended up finding two settings I had to work on. One was the 16:9 setting and the other was the SD Override function which I had to turn OFF.

I know it seems dumb to turn off features, but to be honest, a lot of those features are unnecessary to begin with. I have them off on my TV as well.
Yeah it's really dumb to have to turn features off but I suppose some do like the edge enhancment feature. Now the multipule images the Auto Motion Plus created is a different thing, why would anyone want that and why did Samsung implement a feature so badly broken. My sister-in-laws LG doesn't do that, or at least not much because I didn't see it when I watched her set a couple of times.

Thanks for all your input and I'm sorry I waited so long to answer your post. My wife is extremely disabled and I've been worried and busy taking care of her.
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