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Default GTX 460 vs 465 vs 470?

Which is the right card for me. I currently have a 5850 from sapphire that I can overclock to around 825 core / 1175 memory (defaults are 725 core / 1000 memory).

I can play pretty much all games fine except maybe GTA IV + Exp (with vsync frames can dip to 30s) and Metro 2033 (around 35-60 fps depending on scene with vsync on, tessellation on but adv. DOF off and no AA).

Resolution and settings that I play with is 1680*1050, 4xAA and 16xAF forced through the control panel.

Just wanted to understand what are the differences between the three cards and which is the right one for me. I only have a 600W PSU that I do not want to change right now. Overall system is a Q6600 running at 3 GHz w/ 4 GB ram and Win 7 Pro.

Reason to shift to nVidia is that ATi does not have AA in SC2 and I don't expect them to do anything about it anytime soon. I also want to try out physX which I cannot do with ATi. I am not exactly looking for an upgrade but rather something that will give me the performance and added features from nVidia. I am tired of ATi drivers in general and past 3 months have been crap (10.5-10.7 with no issues resolved but rather new issues created).

Noise is an issue with me so I want a low noise system. Heat is also an issue since I don't want temps in 90C+ territory.
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