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Default Why I love my RAZR

First some background - I used to manage a huge VZW account at my previous job. Over 100 lines and LOTS of PDA's and smartphones. Of course, being in this, I tried pretty much every device that came out over the years and thus, had lots of fancy ones on my personal account too. The wife has a BB, I had a Droid and before those we had a myriad of others. My main functions are email, texting and calling. I take a few photos but not alot and I always longed for better battery life.

Enter my RAZR.

Sure it's not touchscreen and sure it doesnt have a 4.3" LCD display. But you know what?

I get emails through the VZW mobile email app, i can text and i can call. The best part is the extended battery, while still keeping the phone small, give me battery life of a week easily. I charge it on the weekends and thats all i need.

More importantly I dont need an extra $30 data plan to use it.

PROS : battery life, call quality, able to text, can use email, small size.

oh... and i can play Scrabble on it.
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