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Default Linux TwinView - Maximize uses both monitors

After upgrading to Ubuntu 10.04 from Ubuntu 9.10, the window manager (compiz) does not treat my 2 displays as it did with 9.10. Now windows maximize across both screens, they do not snap to the screen boundary, my lower task bar (where apps get minimized to) extends across both monitors without appearing: by that I mean I dont see it on the 2nd monitor, but I can not resize a window into the area that it would take up on the 2nd monitor.

The alt+tab switcher and all windows that launch in the center of the screen are split across the monitors.

I have my 2 screens in both nvidia-xconfig and CCSM defined as: 0,0+0+0 and 0,1920+0+0

I have submitted a bug to Ubuntu's Launchpad tracker, it has been accepted and marked as an nVidia driver defect:

Nothing has happened on it. I am posting here in hopes that someone can either instruct me how to change my setup or takes it as an actual bug in the drivers.

Thank you!
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