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Default Re: System memory/resource leak with repeated vdpau based h264 decode

Originally Posted by cehoyos View Post
Are you really sure that this is latest svn? ;-)

If your sample is a transport stream, you have to use -demuxer lavf, -demuxer mpegts eats memory.

Carl Eugen
Hi Carl, I just did the quick test with mplayer to see if it happens with mplayer as well, so no I haven't tried the latest mplayer build. Also since I am rendering on multiple child windows, I am seeing much more memory leaks compared to mplayer. BTW valgrind doesnt report any memory leak in my code, so the memory leak that I am talking about probably happens in kernel / possibly due to bugs in glx. After a few days of continuous running, everything become very sluggish. Looks like other people has experienced also.
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