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Default Re: Official Starcraft II Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by Redeemed View Post
Just watched the trailer- looks intense. Gotta' admit I've not played the first one. However, looks like this game could be funny. Judging from the trailer I assume there's a strong story line to the single player campaign? If so, it definitely has my interest.
The installation recaps SC1/BW. As in while you install this lady terran voice speaks / slide shows / etc so you know pretty much everything as u start sc2

Played Single Player, did the training challenges (btw this part is done really well, gets you to know the counters you should use / etc and macro/micro tips before you hit multiplayer)

As for multiplayer, it is running very smooth, no issues. (Other than the fact that i am in SEA servers )

Blizzard defiantly has a winner here and it will end up replacing SC1.

Btw the mods on this game were incredible in beta, i can't wait to see what the community comes up with. Some of the mods in beta were simply amazing and sometimes even surprising that the engine can do it.
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