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Default Re: oS11.3/KDE4: X slows down after a few hours

Okay. Here is a nvidia-bugreport while the XServer with this problem is running. Direct rendering is already enabled. I have to test the other things first, but since every test needs a while and I need this computer to do my work, it'll take several days.

EDIT: Mh. It seems that I've encountered this "bug" under Compiz/Gnome, too. I've changed the Loginmanager to GDM and DE to Gnome. After that I've restarted my computer. (complete shutdown, no warm reboot) Now (~1h) it seems that the refresh rate is a bit slower. (at least not that extreme as it is under kwin/KDE) But if I start e.g. nvidia-settings, the entire X-Server freezes for several seconds. CPU-Cores idles around 3% and there are still 3 GB RAM left.

EDIT2: Second day with Gnome and still the problem, that nvidia-settings is able to freeze the X-Server for several seconds. So this cannot be a problem of kwin alone. (but under KDE the DE tends to be unusable, under Gnome the X-Server stays usable)
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