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Default Re: Geforce GTX SLI under Linux

Another thing to note is that many many many games in linux simply do not push the graphics card hard enough for sli to make any appreciable difference. Most of the games out there for linux are CPU limited so SLi makes very difference unles extreme overclocking to the CPU is done or resolution is cranked up to insane resolutions. With increasing the resolution however you may quickly run out of memory on the card. Trying to run Unigine's Sanctuary for example on a couple of 8800GT's with 512 Megs in sli @ 1920x1200 will quickly gobble up the available texture memory and studder like hell. This issue has been known for a long time by Unigine's developers (well over a year and a half now). When running the benchmark in DX mode it does not run out of texture memory and runs smooth. The same running out of texture memory issue occurs as well in Windows when running in oGL mode.
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