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Default problem activating agp / nvagp


I've read (and printed out :-) )the whole Readme file,
but still I cannot activate the agp support for XFree86.

To sum-up the question : where may I find / compile the "NVAGP" module ??
nvagp.o or anything of the like does exist.

Now some details :
I'm using a 4MX AGP 8x card, that is not supported by my agpgart.o (kernel 2.4.22, and i won't upgrade to 2.6, not now, please ! not yet)

So I compiled it with agp support set to "NO".
Since then, allright, no more message in /var/log/messages telling me
"NVRAM : AGPGAR blah blah unresolved symbols"

I installed/compiled nvidia drivers with the latests The nvidia.o works fine.

Still, when I look at /proc/driver/nvidia/agp/status :
Status: Disabled

I did not forget to put Option "NvAgp" "1" in
the XF86Config file.

Still, i do not know how/where to find that nvagp module !

Thanks for any advice !
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