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Default Re: Linux TwinView - Maximize uses both monitors

Originally Posted by adamk75 View Post
Yes, the output shows that your Xserver sees two monitors, one at 0,0 that's 1920x1080, and another that starts at 1920,0 and is 1920x1080. This is correct and suggest that you are *not* using Dynamic Twinview. Which means that your window manager is ignoring those settings from the xinerama extension. Does the problem persist if you use metacity?

In ccsm --> general options --> display settings, is "Detect Outputs" enabled?

No it doesn't, and I think we're getting closer to the root problem here. Metacity is the window manager used when I select 'Failsafe Login' from GDM, correct?

Ever since I upgraded to Ubuntu 10.04, Compiz does not start properly on login to GDM. If I login normally, I dont have a window manager for my windows: there is no window decoration, I can't use alt-tab to application switch, etc.. So what I've been doing is dropping to a virtual console and running 'compiz --replace' from the command line, switching back and voila! I have window decorations and a window manager BUT I have the problem I posted initially.

If I login with 'Failsafe GNOME', I have the monitor behavior I expect, where windows snap to each but I dont have Compiz turned on.

It sounds like maybe I need to figure out why Compiz doesnt start when I login to Gnome regularly?

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