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Default Re: Geforce GTX SLI under Linux

Originally Posted by Milena View Post
Maybe a bit away from the topic but would SLI for games in wine make sense or work at all ? I have one GTX470 and will maybe get another one some time but my pc is linux only so i wonder if its worth yet.
Found this in the forum archives (2007):

As of Nvidia Driver 100.14.11 and my SLI setup in AFR. WoW runs awesome, 70-130 fps in the Outland or Azeroth. I still have serous FPS drops(25-35) in some towns and large citys. When indoors or in the Under City I average about 90-130fps. In Arctic Valley BG I get 35-85 and spikes to 130 depending on how many players are on screen. Its not the silver bullet but it makes the Battlegrounds a whole lot more playable.

Also Byteframe, booting Linux with vga=normal fixed a whole set of problems for my 8800gtx the same should hold true for your 8800gts.
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07-04-2007, 07:50 PM
So is the game faster than without SLI?
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07-08-2007, 12:34 PM
Its faster with SLI!!!
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