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Default Has my Battle.Net account been hacked?

Got this email just now. I checked and theirs no notice of a character faction transfer on my account. I only ask this because I have had my account hijacked before.

to me

show details 4:08 AM (14 hours ago)


A Character Faction Change is now pending for the World of Warcraft account DELETED. Please allow several days for the faction change process to complete. An email will be sent to you when it is done. You can also track the status of your request by signing into the Transaction page here:

Below is a summary of the transaction, which you may want to keep for your records.


World of Warcraft Account Name: DELETED


Please note the following additional information:

- This account is not available for play while the faction change is pending.
- If you did not make this transaction, you should immediately check your account to prevent character lost.
- This account cannot change factions again until 3 days have elapsed.
- You can review this and other Account Management transactions by logging into Account Management and going to your Transactions page at
- For more details on Character Faction Change, refer to the Character Faction Change FAQ located at

You can find World of Warcraft Account Management at:

We hope you enjoy your new faction!


The World of Warcraft Team
Blizzard Entertainment
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