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Default Re: Upgrade time. GTX285 to...?

Firstly, thanks to you all for your thoughts so far, it's great to see such a wide range of opinions ^^

Originally Posted by Bah! View Post
If a 480 is too much power and heat than a pair of 460's in SLI will be too much power and heat as well. Also WoW's SLI scaling is pretty horrible, and since that's the game you play the most a single 480 would perform better as well.

If you are dead set against a 480 and don't want a 5870 I would just wait until after the expansion to get a new card. If they don't fix the SLI issues with WoW and you buy 460's in SLI you are going to be stuck with the same performance you have now or worse due to the DX11 hit.
I hadn't considered that SLI with WoW wasn't all that great, but a bit of googling seems to confirm that to be the case. As it's the one game I play more than anything else, I think we can safely move that idea off the table.

Originally Posted by john19055 View Post
I think the GTX 470 at $299 is the best deal ,they overclock great and they are about $100 cheaper then a HD5870 and once overclocked a little they are faster .
Over here in the UK the cheapest GTX470 is roughly 50 cheaper than the cheapest 5870 that I can find. A lot of people compare an overclocked 470/480 vs a stock 5850/5870, and I know the 58xx cards overclock really well. I doubt it, but would the 470 overclock far enough to exceed an overclocked 5870?

Originally Posted by Fotis View Post
I'd wait 2-3 months and get a radeon 6870.With a next gen launch not far away I think its best to wait.
Seems to be that the high-end parts of the 58xx refresh aren't due until Janurary - Feburary 2011. I know the 5850/5870 are now 7-8 months old, but waiting for the refresh seems to be 5-6 months away still. At least that's what the latest rumours indicate.

Thanks again all, your input and time is greatly appreciated ^^
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